29 Outubro

Fantaspoa - World's 50 Best Genre Fests of 2021

A revista norte-americana MovieMaker nomeou o Fantaspoa um dos 50 melhores festivais de cinema de gênero do mundo todo. O festival é o único representante de toda América do Sul na lista e o evento está com inscrições abertas para a edição de 2021 até 31 de janeiro. Link para a publicação:
MovieMaker magazine has named Fantaspoa as one of the World's 50 Best Genre Fests of 2021. Thanks to a deeply entrenched panel of experts, this annual list is MovieMaker's most thorough collection of genre festivals yet, covering 40 cities and 16 countries. Full list link: 
From the publication:
"This 18-day festival notes that 75% of its programming is made up of Latin American premieres. Bring an appetite for barbecue, great films and more. “The organizers own their own geek bar and throw parties (karaoke and otherwise) that are a lot of fun. And caipirinhas are delicious and plentiful.” one filmmaker says. Another recalls convincing Claudio Simonetti of the prog rock band Goblin “to play the score from Suspiria on a broken piano at a local bar.” It’s no surprise this was another highly rated festival in every category — and more than one filmmaker also noted the “beautiful people.” Adding to the beauty: The festival reports that more than 100 people around the world have its logo tattooed on their bodies."

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