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    12 Julho

    Entries Fantaspoa 2018

    Created in 2005, Fantaspoa was pioneer as Fantastic Film Festival in Brazil. With yearly editions since then, in 2018, its 14th edition will take place. The festival is one of the main fantastic film festivals in Latin America, exhibiting the best in genre cinema, as well as having several events, such as Q&A’s, workshops, lectures, concerts, parties and art expositions. Fantaspoa is the only festival from South America member of the Méliès – European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation (EFFFF), the federation that brings together the 22 more relevant fantastic film festival worldwide.
    The fourteenth edition of Fantaspoa will take place from may, 18th till june, 3th, 2018.
    We invite the filmmakers that work with fantastic cinema to submit their works.

    Criteria for entry
    Production years 2015 onwards
    Minimum length 60 minutes (Feature Films)
    Maximum length 30 minutes (Short Films)

    All the films:
    Need to be either spoken (or subtitled) in english or spanish.
    Films can be submitted through an online link or by the shipment of a DVD or a DVD Blu-ray. DVD’s and DVD’s Blu-ray will not be returned.
    Films that have had a commercial release in Brazil are not eligible.
    Entries should be made through the link below. If you’d like to send a physical copy, please, fill the entry form before.
    For multiple entries, each film should be submitted separately.

    Accepted formats for screening purposes are DVD, ProRes File and DVD Blu-ray.
    The festival does not charge entry fees for features and Brazilian short films if Google Forms is used. For non-brazilian short films, the festival charge the values that are on Filmfreeway.com. The postage cost is paid by the sender, as well as any tax or customs fees that may result from it. The festival is not responsible for taxes that may outcome from the postage.
    The festival do not pay screening fees.

    All entries must be submitted before 15 January 2018.

    Submission and Shipment
    To submit a film to selection by the Festival Organizing Committee you must send an online screener, by filling the form until january, 15th.
    For feature films: https://goo.gl/forms/uS2jRUq9bfHfbE6x2 or https://filmfreeway.com/festival/Fantaspoa
    For international short films: https://filmfreeway.com/festival/Fantaspoa
    An online copy of your film should be make available by streaming or download or a copy of the film should be send to there address below, no later than january, 15th.

    FANTASPOA – A/C Joao Fleck
    Vigário José Inácio, 615, apt 1203
    Postal Code: 90020-100
    Porto Alegre – Brasil

    On the envelope please write: “no commercial value – for cultural purposes only”. We recommend only to declare a value of 1 dollar (1US$), to avoid unnecessary custos fees. It is also recommended to send it through regular shipping, since couriers are commonly retained at Brazilian customs.

    To read the full regulation: REGULATION 2018

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